Wooden Arrows

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Wooden Arrows
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Wooden Arrows
Martin Cedar Hunting Arrows

Martin Cedar Hunting Wooden Arrows

Traditional wooden arrows. Beautifully crafted from spined select Port Orford cedar to fly straight and true. Wooden arrow shafts are walnut stained and polished to a high gloss finish. Fletched with 5" feathers. Assorted color fletchings. 12 pack.

26" Cedar Wood Arrow

26 Cedar Wooden Shaft Archery Arrows from Satellite ArcheryTM - 72 Arrows

Satellite Archery Cedar wooden arrows. 72 26" wooden arrows.

Cajun Archery

Port Orford Cedar Wooden Arrows (Pack of 12) from Cajun Archery

These fine select grade wooden arrows are made from the finest materials, 5/16 shafts, 3 feathers and snap nocks, with lightweight crimp-on target point. Bow weight up to 35 lbs. Available lengths are: 26", 28", or 30". 1 dozen (12).

Spined Cedar Arrow

Spined Cedar Wooden Arrows 30", 12 Arrows

Select grade wooden arrows made from the finest materials available today. 11/32 cedar shafts. Multiple coats of clear finish with a crest 4 Feathers Snap nock. Spines of 45/50#. One dozen.

Mill Run Cedar

Mill Run Cedar Wooden Arrows 28", 12 Arrows

Mill run wooden arrows made from 5/16 cedar shafts. These wooden arrows have multiple coats of paint and 1 coat of clear finish. Also have a crest, 2 1/4 feathers and snap nock. Target points. Maximum bow weight of 35#. One dozen.

Arrow of Light Cedar

Arrow of Light Cedar (12)

The Arrow of Light is Cub Scouting's highest award. These are requested by Boy Scouts all over the country to be used in the Arrow of Light Award ceremony. The cresting is done by the different packs to represent the various achievements of the individual Cub Scout. The unique qualities of the Arrow of Light include: Clear Coat Finish without any Cresting or Markings Yellow Nock 4 Feathers are in Cub Scout colors (1 Yellow and 2 Blue) Steel Target Point 11/32 Diameter Maximum bow weight of 45 lbs. Available in 30" length only. This arrow is generally not used for shooting but is actually a full fledged target arrow. Packed 1 dozen per box.

Economy Cedar Wood from Cajun Archery

Economy Cedar (Pack of 12) from Cajun Archery

Made from select grade 5/16 shafts, 2 1/4 feathers and snap nocks, with lightweight crimp on target point. Maximum bow weight of 35 lbs. Lengths available are: 24", 26", or 28". Price is for 1 dozen (12).

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