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Bear Archery Attack RTH Compound Bow Package
Bear Archery Attack RTH Compound Bow Package - Realtree APG - 27

Bear Archery Attack RTH Compound Bow Package - Realtree APG - 27"-29" 50-60 lb. Draw

RTH = Ready To Hunt! Package includes arrow rest, 5-pin sight, peep, quiver, stabilizer and sling, and nock loop Up to 340 fps! High performance BearĀ® Archery Attack compound bow with high-quality factory-installed accessories Attack combines big speed and smooth drawBear's E-Cam - big power, 80% letoff, 1/2'' and 1'' draw length adjustments Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs - big power, smooth delivery Dual offset arc string suppressors silence shots Zero-tolerance pivoting limb cups - reduces shock and vibration 31'' axle to axle Brace height: 7''Right-hand only Get BearĀ® Archery's deadly Attack compound bow with everything you need to head straight to the deer stand with the Attack RTH Compound Bow Package. This package combines the high performance Attack with high-quality factory-installed accessories for a bow that's Ready To Hunt! The Attack utilizes Bear's Max Pre-Load Limbs and E-Cam powerplant to silently and efficiently deliver energy to the arrow for speeds up to 340 fps! The smoothest and most efficient powerplant Bear has ever built, the E-Cam transfers all available energy to the arrow for maximum kinetic energy down range from an 80% letoff cam. This convenient cam also gives you the ease of single cam tuning and use, and draw length adjustments in 1/2'' and 1'' increments (with no bow press required for the 1'' increments). The Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs push the performance even higher, delivering smooth power with the perfect combination of stored energy and cancellation of recoil during arrow release. Further vibration and shock elimination are delivered with Bear's zero-tolerance pivoting limb cups and dual offset arc string suppressors. Bear's specially constructed pre-stretched Contra-band HP strings and cables minimize string stretch and peep rotation. One-piece synthetic grip offers the warmest grip available in cold weather. Brace height: 7''. Axle-to-axle: 31''. Lightweight 4.2 lbs. Color: Realtree APGā"¢. Package includes: Sure Shot Whisker Biscuit, Hit Man 5-pin sight, Arrow cage quiver, Shock Stop camo stabilizer and sling, peep sight, and nock loop. . BearĀ® Archery Attack RTH Compound Bow Package - Realtree APGā"¢

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