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Archery Backstops
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Archery Backstop

Archery Backstops by SSG

SSG 50' Archery Netting

SSG 50' Archery Backstops

This archery backstop by SSG features heavy-duty fine woven mesh archery netting will take the force of a target arrow point, drawn on a 25 to 45 lb. bow and repel. These archery backstops are supported on guy wires from walls, HD portable standards, or in-ground posts. Supports not included. Each piece of netting is bordered with grommets at the top and corners. This archery backstop measures 50 feet wide by 10 feet high.


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The sport of archery is not a sport to be taken lightly. Knowledge of rules and proper drawing technique, proper maintenance of your bow(s) and arrows, (the bread and butter of archery), and investment in the appropriate personal gear and equipment will ensure a satisfying and rewarding experience. And, a final note on safety. Archery requires a high level of physical fitness. Whether it is the strength necessary to hold up the bow in firing position, or to draw back the bowstring or the stamina required to retrieve the arrows, track game, or bring in your kill, the fitter you are the better you will feel. Muscle strain and fatigue are the least of your worries if you are not fit. So, get fit, get educated, get geared up and see you on the range! READ MORE ON ARCHERY SAFETY
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